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The Jaguar Identification Project

Our love for nature and wildlife drives us to take responsibility for their well-being. That’s why we actively support conservation projects and advocate for the protection of our natural environment.

One such project is the jaguar identification initiative, which aims to deepen our understanding of the Pantanal jaguar population, their behavior, and their territories.

This knowledge is crucial in developing sustainable programs that foster coexistence between jaguars and local communities.

As a keystone species, jaguars play a vital role in maintaining the balance of prey populations within the ecosystem. Unfortunately, these majestic creatures are still facing threats today, primarily from cattle farming and deforestation. In collaboration with local communities, the conservation programs in Pantanal therefore focus on the education and support to safeguard the future of these remarkable animals.

About the project

The Jaguar Identification Project has successfully identified over 369 individual, while also raising international awareness for jaguars. In the Porto Jofre region, visitors can contribute to the project by uploading their jaguar images to an online platform. The team members will then identify the individual jaguars from these images and provide detailed information about them. This allows both the project team and participants to gain a deeper understanding of these big cats.

In addition to citizen science, the project is continuously expanding its network of camera traps to identify individual jaguars in more remote areas. Most recent they expanded their camera trap network on the property of the Piuval lodge and farm. 

To sustain their efforts, the project relies on donations and merchandise sales, including their jaguar identification guide.

To learn more about this initiative and offer your support, please visit their website at

The Jaguar Identification Project logo

The Pantanal jaguar population

2023 jaguar research summary

  • 781 jaguar sightings reported
  • 54 new jaguars have been identified
  • In total 127 registered jaguar individuals
  • 63 males / 55 females and 9 unknown gender
  • 20 mating couple sightings
  • 15 different mother and cub sightings

2022 jaguar research summary

  • 886 jaguar sightings reported
  • 49 new jaguars have been identified
  • In total 128 registered jaguar individuals
  • 50 males / 55 females and 23 unknown jaguar gender
  • 26 mating couple sightings
  • 21 different mother and cub sightings

In 2022 in total 886 jaguar sightings were reported to the project team by 68 contributors. The contributors consist out of tourists, boat drivers, guides and the project team members.  

That data helps to better understand about the individuals in the area, what individuals have been together for mating and how successful they are at hunting. 

The firs bar chart shows the top 25 individual jaguars that have been sighted in the Meeting of the Waters state park, close to Porto Jofre in the 2022 season.


The last season and even the current 2023 season is spectacular when it comes to the number of sightings that include hunting behaviour and successful hunts. 
The jaguar individuals by the name of Patricia and Medrosa have been seen most frequent, hunting with success.


When you are interested to learn more about the jaguar population insights from the 2022 season, then download for free the jaguar research infographic via the link. 
Please consider to contribute by donating to the jaguar identification project.

How we are supporting the project

Jaguar safaris conservation

We have decided to contribute to this remarkable project by donating a camera trap for each tour we run. Furthermore, we will be acquiring a jaguar identification field guide for each individual joining us on the trip.

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