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Jaguars of the Pantanal works with a small team of the best Pantanal guides.
All our guides are born- and raised in the Pantanal with a strong passion for nature. The Pantanal is their home and our guides love to share all its wonders. Our drive goes beyond guiding. We seek to share information about the Pantanal and its keystone species in order to raise awareness for the protection of the Pantanal ecosystem.

Through our experience on how to read the behaviour of animals and birds we are able to position our clients in such a way to offer the best photographic opportunities.
Our keen eye for spotting and positioning has even lead to guiding broadcasting agencies that documented the Pantanal for international TV airing programs.

All guides are officially licensed and are keen to deliver an amazing and always to remember experience for our clients. 

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Guided tours in the Pantanal

Wildlife tracking with experienced Pantanal guides

Nothing is as exciting to explore along the Transpantaneira road by car or on the Cuiaba river and its tributaries by boat. Exploring with experienced Pantanal guides make a huge difference, not only in tracking, spotting and identifying the wildlife but as well as in the positioning of our car/boat to create for you as our guest the perfect spot to capture great photographs.

We take great pride in sharing the knowledge of the area, our roots while exploring the vast tropical wetland in small groups. 

Pantanal guides, birdwatching

Birdwatching guides

The Pantanal is known for it’s abundance of birds. This largest tropical wetland of the world is home to over 650 species of birds, including both permanent residents and migratory species. 
Birdwatching is a specialism that requires great knowledge of the sounds, flight patterns, behaviour and all the species. Our Pantanal guides are vivid birders and will ensure no bird goes unwatched while in the Pantanal. 

For birdwatching we can advice on what are the best locations for specific species that you are interested in. Along the Transpantaneira road different habitats can be seen. Hence, different species that are home to these locations.  For birdwatchers the Pantanal is the place to visit with species such as the Ringed kingfisher, Sun bittern, Jaburu stork, Hyacinth macaws, black collared hawk, fork-tailed flycatcher, red-legged seriema to name a few.

Pantanal guides for spotting jaguars

One of the highlights for most of our guests are the days on the river, searching for jaguars. 
In the dry season sightings are very good and changes are very high to see one or multiple jaguars per day.

However, it takes a trained eye to spot jaguars that are hidden in the bushes.  Besides spotting the cats, our Pantanal guides specialise in hosting photographers and understand how to position the boat for the best lighting and angle to capture stunning photographs of these big cats. 

The guides are in contact with a network of boats, to inform via radio if there is a jaguar sighting. That way we increase success rate to see jaguars for our guests.

Jaguar spotting in the Pantanal with experienced Pantanal guides

Guided Pantanal jaguar & wildlife tours

6-day jaguar safari

A small group tour to spot and photograph the majestic jaguar in the Northern Pantanal

Jaguar photography tour

Join our seasoned photographer tour leader to photograph the jaguars of the Pantanal

Jaguar and Ocelot safari

Join us in search for the cats home to the Pantanal visiting 3 lodges that offer stunning wildlife viewing in the Pantanal.

Supporting jaguar research

Jaguar safaris conservation

For each of our guests joining us on our jaguar safaris we donate a camera trap to the Jaguar Identification Project as well as support the program by purchasing the jaguar identification field guide for our guests. The JIP project helps us to understand more about the jaguar population in the Pantanal.

Learn more about the Jaguar Identification Project.

Or support directly via:

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