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Experience the Pantanal and it's abundance of wildlife by joining small group tours or a photographic workshop accompanied by passionate and seasoned photographer tour leaders. Capture amazing images of the wildlife that are home to the Pantanal on tours designed by photographers for photographers and nature lovers. Jaguars of the Pantanal offers a variety of Pantanal wildlife tours, jaguar safaris and bespoke private tours.

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Travel in small groups, design a private safari or join a Pantanal photography tour

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Photograph the cats of the Pantanal

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jaguar identification

We support the Jaguar Identification project

About The jaguar

The jaguar is the largest cat of South America. Compared to other big cats it is one of the strongest and most active cats who hunts both on land and in the water. their power and agility are phenomenal. Find out more about the jaguars of the Pantanal.

Sebastiaan van der Greef
Pantanal travel tips map

Pantanal travel tips

Introduction It is crucial to come prepared when visiting the Pantanal, Brazil. This will guarantee a pleasant and stress-free trip. To assist you in your

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The Pantanal

The Pantanal, which spans 66,100 square miles, is the largest wetland in the world. To put it in perspective, it is ten times bigger than

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