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Sebastiaan van der Greef is a passionate and seasoned Dutch wildlife photographer. His images have been used by WWF for publications, books and as well as for the Jaguar Identification project.

It all started with his first visit to the Pantanal in 2015 that changed is life. The wetland and the jaguar captured his heart and ever since, he returned multiple times per year.

From 2017 until 2020 he empowered the local community by supporting individuals to start their own company and help them build their platforms and brands.
His passion and business experience has resulted in generating over $2.3M in revenue for the community through nature tourism.

The Pantanal is as well the place where he met his wife while at a jaguar sighting in the black channel (Corixo negro). His family in law lives in the Pantanal and runs a successful tour operator and owns the first ecological lodge in the Pantanal.

In the picture: Sebastiaan and his wife Marlucia at Corixo Negro, PantanaI

Sebastiaan van der Greef

” While in Pantanal I feel strongly connected to nature and myself. The space of the open wetland and the abundance of wildlife is simply breathtaking. Never before, I have experienced such diversity of wildlife, colours and sounds as in the Pantanal. 

The awakening of the Pantanal is something I wish everyone to experience one time. The sky painted with colours, Hyacinth macaws flying over and the sound of the Chaco Chachalaca’s.

I Wish you well and hopefully one day to show you the wonders of the Pantanal.”

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