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6-day jaguar safari

June - November

5 nights/ 6 days

Porto Jofre

Jaguar photography

Limited to 6-persons

June - November

5 nights/ 6 days

Porto Jofre

Jaguar photography

Limited to 6-persons

The 6-day jaguar safari brings you to the heart of the Northern Pantanal, the best place in the world to spot and photograph jaguars in the wild. We offer small group tours, maximum 6-persons to explore the Cuiaba river and it’s tributaries in search of these cats. On our search for the jaguar we will come across a variety of wildlife species such as capybara, caiman, giant river otters and dozens of bird species. On this jaguar safari we will spend 4 full days (10+ hours) on the river to enjoy and photograph the abundance of wildlife that is home to the Pantanal.

6-day Jaguar safari program

Day 1: Welcome and transfer to Porto Jofre

Upon your arrival in Cuiabá, you will receive a warm welcome at the airport or the hotel you are staying.

Our adventure starts with a drive to Poconé – a city known as the capital of the Pantanal. At Poconé we continue our journey onto a dirt road called the Transpantaneira highway for 146 kilometres and crossing 122 bridges. During this scenic drive towards Porto Jofre, be prepared for encounters with diverse wildlife species as you may spot Marsh deer, anacondas, giant anteaters, toco toucans, tapirs, hyacinth macaws, crab-eating foxes and many other birds and mammals.

Once we arrive in Porto Jofre during the afternoon and complete the check-in, we have time to relax before our dinner. After our diner together, we will share the program for day 2, a full day outing by boat dedicated to spotting jaguars.

Day 2-5: Full day jaguar outings by boat

We set out on our boat early morning to begin our search for jaguars. Throughout the day, approximately 10 hours, we navigate the Cuiaba river and it’s tributaries in search of these big cats.

During lunchtime, when most of the boats return to the lodge, we will enjoy a lunch in the heart of the jaguar territory.

Our return to the lodge is around 5:30pm. Upon arrival, you have the opportunity to fresh up, relax or review your photographs before joining us for a dinner at the restaurant.

Besides jaguars being our main focus, there are other great wildlife opportunities to encounter, a few to name are the giant river otters, howler and capuchin monkeys, yellow anacondas, caiman and various bird species such as Tocu toucans, Hyancinth Macaws, black skimmers and many more. 

Day 6: Transfer back to Cuiaba

After breakfast, we will check-out and drive back to Cuiaba. Our estimated arrival time in Cuiaba is around noon. Depending on your travel itinerary, we will arrange transportation accordingly to the airport to be in time for your flight.

Note: It is possible to extend the jaguar photography tour with other locations for photographing wildlife. Options are for example to spend time on action bird photography, Giant anteaters, tapir and ocelot.




Day 1: Welcome & transfer to Porto Jofre

Day 2: Full day jaguar outing (boat)

Day 3: Full day jaguar outing (boat)

Day 4: Full day jaguar outing (boat)

Day 5: Full day jaguar outing (boat)

Day 6: Transfer back to Cuiaba


Experience the best service available in Porto Jofre with our two lodge options for jaguar safaris. With a landing strip on-site, you can easily fly-in directly to Porto Jofre from Cuiaba or the South of Pantanal.

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Supporting jaguar conservation

Jaguar safaris conservation

We provide a camera trap to the Jaguar Identification Project and buy a jaguar field guide for each guest participating in our jaguar safari, in order to support the program.

Learn more about the Jaguar Identification Project.

Jaguar safari photographic impression

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